Single Memorials

A single memorial is a stand alone upright memorial specifically crafted and designed to tell just one life story.
Meet with our expert memorial design staff today to review your options for your individual design.
Flowers Memorial
Praying Monument
Heart Shaped Monument

Crafting Your Single Memorial Design

A single memorial is traditionally the most popular of all of our gravestone designs. Smaller in size than a custom or companion memorial, a single memorial is meant to rest within the bounds of just 1 single grave plot.

The traditional serpentine top is standard for most cemeteries through out the Carolinas, but other shapes are gaining in popularity. The trick to this style is having enough room for all of your wanted engraving.

We can engrave on any polished or frosted panel space. Those engravings will last for many generations to view and look upon a life well lived.

Share your story today with one of our memorial designers and they will open up the world of memorial design for you.

The best memorial is one that has love poured into it through its memorial design.

Our Featured Single Memorial Works

These are just some of the design options available.

  • Roughened Vine Monument
  • Floral Cross Monument
  • Floral Heart Monument
  • Praying Monument
  • Heart Shaped Monument
  • Golfing Monument
  • Book Monument
  • Hanging Flowers Monument

Client Testimonials

Harold vollman
Harold vollman
Mike and Stacey James
Mike and Stacey James
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren
Yolanda Flores
Yolanda Flores
My family and I decided one week before my sisters birthday to get my sister a bigger headstone. Everyone told me 3-4 weeks, but I called and explain my situation to Coastal monuments and they made it happen. Very professional, beautiful work and the prices are reasonable. Thank you once again!
Michael Hucks
Michael Hucks
Great staff that cares about their work and produces high quality grave markers and other stone creations.