Companion Memorials

A companion memorial tells many stories of a loved couple in this life and the next. Each individual brings their details while the center is reserved for their unifying symbol.

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Taylor Companion Monument
Adams Companion Monument
Jenkins Companion Monument

Crafting Your Companion Memorial

As we mentioned, a memorial designed for a couple is one single monument that tells 3 or more stories in its engraving.

Each individual brings with them their own stories of life well lived. The 3rd is the couples love together and the unifying symbol showing that.

Whether traditional in shape or custom the components of a companion memorial will be the same. The real signifying factor is that they are 2 burial plots in width. With such surface area, and possible back polish area to work with, our trained staff will be able to engrave your whole story in stone.

Our Past Companion Works

These are just some of the design options available.

  • Rogers Companion Monument
  • Sarvis Companion Monument
  • Adams Companion Monument
  • McDaniels Companion Monument
  • Taylor Companion Monument
  • Nessman Companion Monument
  • Graham Companion Monument
  • Jenkins Companion Monument

Client Testimonials

Harold vollman
Harold vollman
Mike and Stacey James
Mike and Stacey James
Andrew Warren
Andrew Warren
Yolanda Flores
Yolanda Flores
My family and I decided one week before my sisters birthday to get my sister a bigger headstone. Everyone told me 3-4 weeks, but I called and explain my situation to Coastal monuments and they made it happen. Very professional, beautiful work and the prices are reasonable. Thank you once again!
Michael Hucks
Michael Hucks
Great staff that cares about their work and produces high quality grave markers and other stone creations.